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This post is the second post that I posted without having any restrictions. I will try to make this post better than the other post that had no restrictions. I am thinking about just posting clips and many other links here. Some of them may have nothing to do with mathematics. I hope everyone who reads this post will like everything on it. Tell other people about this blog if you liked this post. I might even recommend blogs that I follow by posting their links into this blog. If you don’t like a post for a blog I posted into this blog, try reading other posts within the blog. I will try to label the links if I know what the topic is, but if I don’t label it, you will have to find out what the topic is by checking it out. If anyone thinks they have something I should post in the future, send the link to me as a comment for this blog and I will try to use it. I would like to get some comments. Does anyone like this page better than the other one?


(Blog from Paul Vu)


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https://bbtran.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/why-technology-and-science/  (Technology)

https://schoolblog09.wordpress.com/ (Attack on Titan)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK0xhvtSelA (Attack on Titan)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYf1A9brtUE (Attack on Titan)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9siFexm1I9c (Dating and Stuart Edge)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEVGQKwKeCc (Donald in Math Land)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta3yi5J7uZo (Stuart Edge)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRA3qXuwjjI (Stuart Edge and Proposal)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R54_y3TXyGA (Ice Bucket Challenge)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=733pWkwd8d0 (Wrestling Cat)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsMpxczieQs (Evil Laughing Baby)

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I hope you enjoyed checking out the links shown above. Make the best of the entertainment available here because I might not do what I did here when I come back. I would like some suggestions for what I should post when I post links into this blog. Peace out until next week.

Thien Han Nguyen


A Post for “A Beautiful Mind”

As you can all see, this page is all about the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. This blog post is not another long lesson about how math can be used to solve problems that we face every day that will bore you out of your mind and either make you fall asleep while reading or post hate comments. All of you will probably like this post because it is about a movie. This page will be about a movie that uses math. Those of you who have already seen the movie “A Beautiful Mind” already know that this movie is about a math genius who used to study at Princeton University and developed game theory during his time at Princeton University as a student. The movie starts with John Nash, the main character majoring in math at Princeton University. Princeton University is not your average college. Only the smartest geniuses who apply will be accepted. This university is not only a school for those the gifted and talented who are seeking education beyond high school in order to prepare them for the workforce. This college is a school where the students are enforced to use the knowledge they acquire to write papers that will change the world during their time as students. John Nash developed a new course of mathematics called game theory. Game theory is math that is used to win games and maximize the number of winners as much as possible. Nash developed his game theory while he was at a bar. Those of you who have watched the movie have noticed that Nash can never stop thinking and he doesn’t know how to do anything outside of work. Nash would always try to crack any codes he thought he saw while reading a newspaper. He would cut the pieces and then splice them back together in a way that he thought would “reveal a hidden message.” In one of the first few scenes of the movie, Nash told a fellow student that his tie wasn’t looking good for mathematical reasons. Nash returned to Princeton University as a professor after his graduation. During his life as a teacher, he met a student who married him later in the movie after she graduated from Princeton. When the time came for him to become a father, he didn’t know what to do because all he knew was work. John Nash won the Nobel Prize in his old age for developing the game theory. Even though he has retired from his teaching life, John Nash continues to contribute to mathematics as much as possible. As all of you readers can see, “A Beautiful Mind” is an entertaining movie that uses math and tells the story of a genius’s life. I hope  you all liked this post. Peace out until next week.

(OK. I understand that this wasn’t the best I have done, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. Try reading my previous two posts.)

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TNT:Interview with Pythagoras

Thien Han: Today won’t be about me and my opinions like my other posts were. For the next hour, we will have a historical guest,  Pythagoras. TNT, an archeologist who works for me as a butler has finally learned how to travel to any time of my choice and decided to bring Pythagoras to our time. Many of you probably already know him because of his famous theorem. Everything you see below is an interview with Pythagoras. Today, I won’t be speaking. TNT will be asking Pythagoras about his discoveries and learn about the religion he created.

TNT (aka Dynamite): Hello, Pythagoras. How does it feel to be in the twenty-first century?

Pythagoras: It is my honor to visit a time where everyone knows about me and my people. What did you bring me here for?

TNT: I just wanted to know how your theorem was created because I have heard that you stole the theorem from the Egyptians? Is this true?

Pythagoras: It is true that the Egyptians discovered my theorem long before I did. However, it is still rightfully mine. They may have discovered it, but I was the one who shared the theorem with the whole world and made you people of this century who you are today. I also found out how to prove the theorem to be true. Therefore, it is rightfully my theorem even if the Egyptians owned it.

TNT: How did you prove your theorem?

Pythagoras: There are hundreds of proofs for my theorem. You should learn about President Garfield’s proof. However, I like the proof for my theorem that actually uses squares. The area of any square is the length of a leg multiplied by itself. If you found the area of squares that share the legs of any right triangle and added those areas, you would find out that the area of the square that has the hypotenuse as a side is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares that have the legs as sides. I know this may be confusing, but I hope understand what I just said. I am sorry to say that I can’t explain any better.

TNT: Don’t feel sorry. I understood what you said. I learned this from the Glenn Research Center. I will let you know that our interview is being posted online as we speak. Give me a second to speak to the audience.

Pythagoras: What does it mean to “post something online?”

TNT: I might not be able to explain to you. We have something called the Internet. You probably don’t know about because the people of your time don’t have it yet. We use the Internet to learn, to entertain ourselves, and to post whatever we want people to see just like my boss Thien Han Nguyen is doing with our interview. When people of this century say that they are “post something online”, that’s just another way of saying that we are posting something on the Internet.

TNT: For those of you who are reading this interview, I want to let you know that you will have a better understanding of the proof Pythagoras was talking about by checking out this link.


Pythagoras: What do you think of the proof I just gave you?

TNT: I like it better than the proof from President Garfield. Are you a religious or did you just devote your life to mathematics?

Pythagoras: I was also in interested in science. Yes, I am a religious man. I started my own faith, Pythagoreanism. My followers are called the Pythagoreans.

TNT: Pythagoras, did you find all of your discoveries all by yourself or did your Pythagoreans help you?

Pythagoras: I  had help from  my people. When we found out that my theorem is actually true, we decided to work with it daily and that is how we found another discovery.

TNT: What did you discover?

Pythagoras: My people discovered the numbers that you call “irrational numbers.” At first, when we discovered them, we called them “the unspeakable numbers” because we believe that numbers and shapes rule the universe, but we didn’t know anything about these numbers. Once we discovered these numbers, I told my followers to refrain from speaking about these numbers to outsiders until we learned more about these numbers, unless they wanted a death sentence.

TNT: How is Pythagoreanism a religion if it is all about math? Don’t religions have beliefs that are about deities or topics related to something outside the material world?

Pythagoras: The faith I created is a legitimate religion for this reason. We worship beans during the time that we are not studying mathematics or science. Beans are very sacred. My order believes in trans-migration of the soul. When we die, our souls will live on in other bodies. Most of the time, our souls will migrate into the bodies of pea plants. Worshipping pea plants is our way of respecting our loved ones after they have passed away. The pea plants not only contained our ancestors’ souls, but they also bear a strong resemblance to human body parts. Eating pea plants is an act of cannibalism.

TNT: You have a very interesting religion. I know about your contributions to mathematics, but what have you done for science.

Pythagoras: Science uses many formulas. My people and I try our best to contribute our formulas to science. I have a question about this hi-tech world of yours. Were any of my discoveries useful for the advancement of technology in any way?

TNT: I don’t know if any of your work contributed to the advancement of technology in any way. However, I do know that science and math have helped people advance in technology even if your work wasn’t responsible for it. We have used formulas to help us build. Science has helped us in technology more than anything else has and it continues to do so even now. I want you to know that your theorem is very useful and is very easy to learn. Many people will remember your theorem long after they forget any other mathematical formulas.

Pythagoras: I am glad to hear that.

TNT: Thank you for your time here with me.

Pythagoras: Thank you for inviting me here to your time. I really enjoyed learning about my fame and how I have helped people of this generation. I have to go now. I don’t want to stay here and let my work go to waste.

(A few minutes after Pythagoras returns home and TNT is back, he sees his master)

TNT: Hi, Thien Han. I am back. Are you thinking about recording my interview with Pythagoras in your blog. I think that it will boost the number of likes and followers you have for your blog. Even if it doesn’t, it is still worth recording.

Thien Han: That is exactly what I have been doing during the time you were interviewing Pythagoras. Now hand the time over to me and let me speak to my readers.

TNT: Okay. I will let you speak for the rest of the time you have with your readers..

Thien Han: What you saw above is TNT’s interview with Pythagoras. You have had two weeks off of my lessons about the application of math to the real world. I hope all of you enjoyed my joke page. Please leave comments even if you didn’t like this post or even if you disliked the whole blog up to this post. I need feedback from all of my viewers in spite of the fact that many of them probably don’t like this blog according to my stats. I will teach another lesson next week unless I change my mind or get interrupted by another guest speaker. I won’t be posting until next week. Peace out until next week.

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Math and Fun

I have been talking about math and how it is applied in ways we probably didn’t know about prior to the time I started blogging. I decided to take a short break off of giving lessons and decided to make this one a little more interesting. Has anyone heard the following quote. “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” As it is implied in my picture, this blog post will be the funniest post out of the five posts I have in this blog. I hope no one fell asleep while reading my other posts. If you wanted me to make an interesting post and you felt like the other posts weren’t what you wanted, this is the post you should read. I promise you won’t regret reading this. (I am sorry to say that I don’t always keep my promises. I just decided to kill time, type as much as I felt was necessary, and share links that I like. I don’t want to see any more hate comments if I got any from the previous posts. Now I will continue with my blog.) I understand that some jokes won’t be funny. There is no need to post if I posted a joke that isn’t funny. I would like to see any jokes you want to tell the world in the comments for this post. I know I haven’t been telling any jokes throughout this whole blog post yet. I am getting there. I hope that you feel like it was worth the time you took to read this blog before getting to the jokes. Now, without further ado, I shall start with the jokes.

What did the acorn say when it became a full grown oak tree?

Gee. Om a tree.

Teacher: Today, we will be learning about complementary angles.

Student: Does that mean that we will be learning about angles that are kind to each other?

Why was the math test always unhappy?

It had a lot of problems.

http://jokes4us.com/miscellaneousjokes/mathjokes/(The following math jokes are from this website. Come here for more.)

Little Boy
Son: “My math teacher is crazy”.
Mother: “Why?”
Son: “Yesterday she told us that five is 4+1; today she is telling us that five is 3 + 2.”

Teacher: Why are you doing your multiplication on the floor?
Student: You told me not to use tables.

If nothing is better than life and a ham sandwich is better than nothing, does that mean that a ham sandwich is better than life?

(The rest of the jokes aren’t from the link I posted above. I will try telling some jokes aside from math jokes.)





Enjoy this post. This post is the first and probably the last post where I will insert interesting links without giving you a math application lesson. I hope you liked this post. Try sharing this blog and check out the links and then share those with your friends. Don’t forget to log into Facebook. I will be posting another lesson next week.


Math in the Community

The last time I posted, it was about how math is used in the movies. Now that we know about math in the movies, it is time to learn about how it is used in other ways. Math can be used for building. Architects need geometry to find the shapes that they will use in order to make the building they plan to build. After architects find their shapes, they need to use the correct formulas in order to find the perimeter, area, and volume of each shape. For those of you who listen to music, did you know that math has been used in music for centuries. It has always been used from the Classical period of musical to the period we are in right now, the Contemporary period. Math has always been used in music for the purpose of finding the right tempo for a musical piece to be played. Math is used for the tempo because the tempo is the speed at which the music is played. Math is also used in art. Perspective drawings are the form of art that use math more than any other form of art. Artists needed to learn geometry prior to drawing their first perspective drawing. Even if a drawing is a perspective drawing, math can still be applied. Math is used in drawings where shapes repeat and undergo transformations. Artists need to know how to add measures of angles in order to draw a tessellation. Many tessellations are not only made up of shapes, but also include transformations. Reflections, translations, glide reflections and many other transformations and compositions of transformations are used in order to draw a tessellation. We now know more about how math is used in ways that are appealing to us. I hope everyone liked reading this post. I will be inactive until next week. See ya.

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Article about Math and the Movies

The article shown below is about how math can be used in movies. Movies are very popular. Most people only know that movies are entertaining, but they don’t know that many computations were done in order to make the movies they watch.Math was used to find out how much color should be used to make a pixel. Integral calculus is used to measure the light traveling between points. The animators have to set up an equation to find the amount of light traveling between every two points that will be seen on the screen.  Geometry is used in the movies more than any other math course. Most of the geometry used in the movies is coordinate geometry. Geometry is used to find the angles that will be used to rotate the characters in order to move them. It is also used to find the volume of the shapes that will be used in order to make the characters. The animators have to use geometry to work with many complicated three-dimensional shapes. They use a computer to create and maintain an illusion of the complex three-dimensional shapes that is smooth. A smooth illusion made from the three-dimensional shapes is made because the smooth illusion makes animation easier.Coordinate geometry is used to move points within any shape. Characters are animated by moving the points inside the polyhedra and polygons that make up the character. Using coordinate geometry to animate the characters by moving the points contained in them makes animation easier and saves a lot of time. I hope everyone enjoyed learning more about how movies are made. Read the article shown below along with the interview at the bottom of the article to learn more about movies and how math is applied when making them.


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Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Formula Cup Song

This song was written to help people learn the Quadratic Formula. It is obviously a parody to the Cup Song. I chose this song because it is based on a formula that is used for many reasons in the real world. The quadratic formula is usually used when quadratic equations are used for real world problems. Quadratic equations can be used for business. When a company is planning to develop and sell a new product, they must know how much money they will spend to make the product and sell it at a price that will earn them more than what they spent. The company must graph a quadratic equation to find their maximum profit and use the quadratic formula to find out which prices won’t earn them any money. Quadratic equations can also be used to find out when an object that has been thrown will land. If the height that the object will reach, the velocity it is traveling at, and the rate at which it is decelerating due to gravity is known, a quadratic equation can be set up to find the time that the object will land. The Quadratic Formula is used to know the perfect shape for certain objects. The shapes of mirrors, satellite dishes, reflecting telescopes, and other curved objects are based on parabolas. The quadratic formula can be used only if it is remembered. The music video is for anyone who needs a quick refresher of the quadratic formula.

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