Math and the News


(I will warn those of you who don’t enjoy reading the news that this blog post is all about an article that was written recently. I will let you know that this blog post is just my summary of a news article and a question that I have for my readers and followers.)

The article shown above was written on April 23,2015 at 8:34. (If you saw this post after April 24, disregard everything that will be in this set of parentheses. I know that April 23 was yesterday for those of you that just saw this post today, but I thought it would be good to give the date for people who will read this blog months after this post and maybe even in a few years or longer. What I am trying to say is that I want to give the exact date and time for people who will read this post a long time after I post it and yes, the exact hour and minute are important.) This article is about students who decided to refuse standardized exams because of the Common Core Standards. Last week, they refused to take the standardized ELA exams. This week, other students joined the students who refused the ELA exams. Last week, fifty-five percent of all students in Rotterdam, New York refused to take the ELA exams. This week, that percentage increased to 60.6 percent by the time the first day of math testing ended. This increase in percentage is expected because it has occurred before. The percentage of students refusing math exams is generally higher than the percentage of students refusing ELA exams. The US Department of Education requires all states to have at least ninety-five percent of their students take the standardized testing. The US Department haven’t had to take action against states that don’t meet the requirement, but they are thinking about punishing the states that have low participation percentages.

Should states with high refusal rates be punished? Why or why not?

Post your answer in the comments.

Peace out until next week! (I will try to post next week’s post as soon as possible in order to compensate for posting this post late into the week. I will also try to make it more interesting than just a summary of an article accompanied by a question. I will let those of you who have read this blog for the first time that my blog posts are usually better than this.)

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