Mathematics with Romeo and Juliet

I just came back from Spring Break. I hope all of you enjoyed the week that you didn’t need to go to school. (I understand that some of you had two weeks or more. I hope you are enjoying the Spring Break you are having right now.) Today, I can post whatever I want and I have many more interesting links to show you. (I know that you people may not think my posts are interesting, but I think they are and that is what matters most. Please comment and tell me how I have been doing with this post and all my other posts. I might not post all of what I have found immediately.) This time, I will try to post a useful site related to math along with other sites even though I don’t have any restrictions that I need to think about while typing this post. My WordPress blog is not the only blog that wrote about Romeo and Juliet. (Those of you who haven’t read it yet should try reading it some time. Everyone in my English Honors class including me will tell you that it is the best play we have ever read if you ask us in person. However, try to acquire an expanded Shakespearean vocabulary because you will need it in order to understand everything the characters say in the play.) I will post links from blogs that wrote about Romeo and Juliet as well as some clips about them (if I can find any). I hope you enjoy everything you see on this page and comment. I want to hear what all of you think of this post. Peace out until next week. (Unit Circle)

-Don’t watch this if you are in Mr. Ngo’s class unless you need to. (Romeo and Juliet)

(Romeo and Juliet) (Romeo and Juliet) (Romeo and Juliet) (Romeo and Juliet) (Romeo and Juliet)

©LukeMontague(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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