Mathematics and School

If I was blogging about any other topic, I would’ve tried connecting it to school and explained how it is related to an academic course. Since my topic is an academic course that is offered in schools everywhere, I was thinking about blogging about how mathematics are useful for life, but then I remembered that I already did that in most of my other blogs. I do not plan to pointlessly reiterate something I have already done in many of my previous blog posts in this blog post. Instead, I will try to post some formulas, pictures, videos, and anything else I think might help someone learn something about mathematics. However, I may not have everything you need because I am still a high school freshman studying math. The help you will get on this blog post will be very limited. I might come back to this post later to update and add more links to it as the years pass and my knowledge increases, but I probably won’t be coming back to this blog post after this year. If you want me to update, post anything you want me to do into the comments and I will try to answer if and probably only if you do it within this year while I am still a freshman. I wouldn’t recommend commenting for updates during the summers for this blog, any future blog posts I may have, and any future blogs I may have if I plan to create a new one in the future. Enjoy everything you see below. I hope that those of you who found out about my blog through comments in blogs that I follow liked this post and tried checking out other posts in this blog. If anyone likes this post or any other post I have, let me know by clicking on the star that is right next to the word “Like” to let me know that. Make good use of these links. I hoped that you have gained some new knowledge through this post. Peace out until next week. (Unit Circle) (Geometry Area Formulas) (Volume Formulas) (Trigonometric Functions) (Digits of Pi) (History of Pi)

(Anyone who is taking a class under Geometry probably shouldn’t look at this page because it will be useless to them. I might change my mind in the future, but I haven’t yet. Everything you see on this page probably won’t change for most of the remainder of this school year.)

©Dylan Ng (CC BY 2.0)


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